Clay, not Plastic

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Last week I made a hot tea. Since I wanted to go outside, I put the tea leaves in a plastic bottle then I just pushed the hot button of dispenser. On the first 15 seconds, there was nothing wrong. After the bottle was full, I closed the bottle.

Suddenly the form of the bottle was changed. It became so ugly. The worst was I couldn’t even close the bottle. I tried to pour the hot tea into a glass. I really hoped that the bottle would change into its original form. However nothing happened. I poured hot water again and tried to close the bottle with a lot of efforts. It didn’t want to return to its original form.

The moment when I realized the bottle was damage, I suddenly remembered about a verse about God as the potter and we are as the clay (Jeremiah 18). What happens with the clay with the potter, it is exactly what happens with us and God. God will never allow something (problems, burdens, etc.) by incident. As the clay we will receive the heat from the fire. It is intended to form us into something. It is intended to form us into a good ones, even the best to the potter (verse 4).

Everything God allowed in our lives is for a reason: to form us into a beautiful person, not to harm us (Jeremiah 29:11). Not as the plastic I incidentally formed into a shapeless bottle, God has never incidentally done something. Since He is God, since He is Mighty. However in His Mightiness, He didn’t forget us: a piece of clay. With His love, He formed us into something good as His intention.

So whenever fire (problems, burdens, etc.) comes into our lives, let us be grateful. Since we are a step closer to be what He planned of: to be a beautiful one He intended. Whenever we are weak and helpless, remember this verse:

Romans 8:38-39 NIV:

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Nothing can separate us from His love. Let us pray that every fire He allow in our lives, will always be received in grateful heart since we know His heart who love us very much.


Faith Like a Grain of Mustard Seed

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He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20 ESV

It is interesting that the Lord told us about faith like a grain of mustard seed. Mustard seed is a very tiny seed. However if it has grown, it will be very big.

He has never asked us something we don’t have. He asked what we have. Probably he asked our time. Other time, he could ask our effort. In other occasion, probably he asked our money. In the difficult time, he asked our faith, even if it’s like a grain of mustard seed.

When the life isn’t easy, he wanted us to keep believing him. Even when we only have a very small faith, when we don’t give up, keep doing our best , and keep believing him, at the unexpected time he will open the way.

As a tiny seed that needs time to grow, the Lord shapes us. To give miracles is very easy for him. However, most of the time, he let us to wait, to struggle. Why? To let our faith grow. To help us to believe him more.

As a child who expecting to open Christmas gift, it will be such a lovely moment to open it in the morning, not before. The most valuable gift is something we receive after giving a lot of effort and time.

So, do we have difficult time today? Don’t be sad. It is the time when our faith growth. Have a lovely growing faith!

God bless us!


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The most difficult things in life probably are not the suffering, the lost of our beloved family/friends, diseases, or any other difficulties. However, when we lost our hope, then all of difficulties seem unbearable.

When we are on our way toward our goal, so many obstacles can come and halt our way. If your electronic device is broken, you will probably check if it is fixable. If it is, you can just come to service center and wait until it is repaired. However, while waiting, if the promised due date has been far more than tolerable, you probably think that: “Is it possible the device repaired?”, “How if it has been broken already?”, etc.

You see, when you are waiting on the promised result and everything goes fine, probably you won’t be doubt, nor hopeless. However, when time goes by and the promised result seems more difficult to be obtained, doubt can grow bigger and hope can be reduced a little by little.

If we put our hope on imperfect things or people, big chances we can be disappointed. The service person can say that he can’t repair the electronic device. If someone has severe illness, the doctor can say that there are no chance anymore. When the economic seems downfall, maybe the expert can say that probability for growth is minus.

However, we have God who is perfect, who is greater than anything we can think of. When he promised, he will make it happen. Even if it means we should wait a little longer than we expect. If it is his plan, he will carry it on until the end.

So, if this days you are in difficult conditions, keep your hope on the Lord. When doubt comes, don’t feed it. Instead, keep looking to the Lord and his promises.

Then you will know that I am the Lord; those who hope in me will not be disappointed.” (Isaiah 49:23 NIV)

Have a blessed week! God bless us all


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It’s almost morning. However I can’t sleep. I just read a historical romance story (HRS) which truly halted me to sleep (I read it for probably 4-5 hours). I love historical romance stories, since generally the stories in the genre are so romantic :). It is a very light reading. I don’t need to think at all LOL!  

It is rare for me to be stunned when I was reading a HRS. The one I have just finished was actually combination of HRS and fictional story. Well.. the characters and the background in the HRS were described very good. It is a happy ending story (of course, what do you expect from romance story after all? LOL!) Yet, I wept in some parts of the story…

In some parts of the story I was shocked. The plot was somehow so familiar, not with other stories.. but with my life.. It is the first time after reading HRS, I found myself in a deep contemplation of my life.

I wonder about the HRS… If it is a unique way from God to send His message for me. Well, if it is, He surely has a very creative way to deliver it :D.

I love reading. From the first time I could read at 5, I couldn’t stop reading. Few years ago, I found that I love writing too. The strange thing when I was writing something, frequently the stories turn out differently from what I planned at first. Either about novels or devotionals, usually after 30 minutes or more of writing, the plots are changing itself. As if my fingers have their own thoughts. After finished writing, I often find myself become surprise. Since the plots become completely different from what I planned. The most difficult thing is to write sad things. When I was writing sad things, I also wept… Well.. what I can say if my fingers have their own thoughts? Since most of the time I don’t know what I should write.

However , the happiest moment is when I discovered God work through the writings. Uhmm.. reading the HRS .. it is truly a knock in my head. I need to finish something I postponed for a very long time.

OK, it’s time to sleep now 🙂

Love is Only for Those

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Love is only for those who’s bold enough
To step up
Regardless of risk of rejection

Love is only for those who’s having courage
To believe again
After being hurt

Love is only for those who’s willing
To open the heart once again
Though with lots of fears at the same time

Love is only for those who dare
To take a chance
Since rare chance often comes only once in a lifetime

Love is only for those who’s strong enough
To handle the loss and the past
Because precious thing requires persistence, patience, and sincerity

Love and Compassion

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This morning I receive a wonderful life lesson. My courier agent told me great things. She and her husband received a stranger in her house since she felt a big compassion toward the stranger. They accepted the stranger at her house, fed him, gave him work. However after 2 months, the left them without notice. He also brought the motorcycle of one of the workers. I didn’t know the rest, however it seemed the motorcycle was returned.

The courier agent told me that God taught her to accept people as they are, not as what she expected. Furthermore, she also told me that she was taught in church to be the channel of blessing.

She told me more to never stop doing good, though the result is not always nice to them. Doing good without asking the good deed was returned to them. She also told me, they spent so much money when the stranger was in their house. However, she also told me that the blessing they accepted was doubled.

Well, God rewards everyone according to what we did. There is grace of salvation, which we are not worthy to receive it. It is something we can’t achieve by ourselves, no matter how many good deeds we do. However there is also reward for what we do.

I’m glad that I have the chance to know her. Somehow through her story I was reminded of God’s tremendous love for all of us. How He loves us so much, though we are not lovable. So great is His love, He sent Jesus to death as an exchange for us. To pay the cost of our sins, Jesus who is God Himself, was willing to leave the amazing Heaven. He is willing to empty Himself, to be equal as human being.

Such unconditional and unselfish love He gave, whom He still gives until now. His love is so huge that He is still willing to forgive, to receive, and to love us until the end.

I pray that I and all of you who read this can have the same love of Jesus. May our heart will always be filled by love from God so we can share the love to others.

Detail-view or Global-view

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Few days ago, I watched a television series. At that time, my brother visited my house and watched it too with me. I often watched the detective series, but suddenly my brother saw something, “You know, the head of detectives are not appreciating people below him, don’t you see it?” I was like.. “really?” Since I didn’t notice it at all though I have watched the series for a long time, I really like the head of detectives since I think he is very good in leadership. Then my brother pointed me when the movie was played and I was like “oh, that! I didn’t see it before!”

After a while I thought myself, that life is like television show. The show is the same: detective movie series at that time, however it depends on how we see the movie: detail or global? Both point of views have their own strengths and weaknesses.

If we are grateful for every moment in our life, it means we take advantage of detail view. However if we are nagging on every hurtful, sad, bad moments in our life, it means we get the weaknesses of detail view.

In other hand, life is a series. It has start, middle, and end. If look it globally, as the Lord has promised us: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11). If today we have bad moment, it is just a moment in entire of our life. It is alright to be sad. It is okay to weep and to shout, to release stress, sadness, etc. However, life goes on. Take advantage of global view and think: if it is not victory, it is not the end.

However, it doesn’t mean we can only think by global view and neglect the small detail in our life. If we only see life globally without see it in detail, we can miss a lot of beautiful and worthy things each day. Maybe it is just a little things: a glass of warm tea everyday, beautiful blue sky, lovely blooming flowers, a support from family and friends, a warm smile and acceptance from others, etc.

So, let us take advantage wisely each of these two view: detail and global views toward life.

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